Welcome to the Functional Fleet Beta of our Serverless Platform!

We are proud to announce the beta of our Serverless Platform product, which is ready for users to begin deploying serverless applications and monitoring their results.

This is a free product that is designed to help you scale your operations around serverless applications. With our product, deploying updates is as simple as a git push. Once your application has been deployed, you can monitor the status through our online dashboard.


The initial product version supports:

  • These AWS services through our YAML configuration file:

    • AWS Lambda functions
    • Api Gateway HTTP servers
    • CloudWatch Events cron tasks
    • Simple Notification Service Pub/Sub queues
  • Build time package management (npm install)
  • git push to deploy, with free, private git repository
  • Overall function metrics on dashboard
  • Deploy history and statistics
  • Individual Function metrics (Pro plan)
  • HTTP metrics (Pro plan)

In addition, we are hard at work on the following upcoming features:

  • Integrated function logs
  • Slack notifications on deploy
  • GitHub integration
  • Team logins

We are very excited for our users to get started with this amazing new platform, and we would love to help you get started!

Register here to get started.

Our docs should have everything you need to get started, but Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.