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Publisher / Subscriber

Publisher/subscriber -- or pubsub -- functions are a design pattern that allows for decoupling an event from its handler.


In a serverless architecture, publishing a message effectively calls a function (the subscriber) to handle the message through a message bus. AWS SNS is the message bus provided to coordinate passing messages and callign functions. In order to make use of pubsub, we must define a message channel, called a "topic", and then define the function(s) that will be called in response a message being published to that channel.


The pubsub configuration object is a map, where the map keys are the identifers of the pubsub channel, and the map values are objects defining the channel configuration.


		name: My PubSub Topic
			- my_publishing_function
			- my_subscribing_function


Name is a friendly name for the pubsub channel that will be displayed in the app.


Publishers is a list of functions that may publish to the SNS topic. These functions will receive an environment variable named SNS_<topic_name> with the ARN of the created topic and permissions to publish to the topic. In the example above, my_publishing_function will have an environment variable named SNS_my_topic that contains the SNS ARN.


This is a list of functions that will be called when a message is published to the topic. The functions must each be defined in the functions configuration.