Pardon our mess! We are busy building up docs for our beta users.

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Serverless Deploy

Functional Fleet provides a hosted deployment service. Once you initiate a deploy to your service, you can walk away or shutdown your computer and we will take care of the rest. And our deploy queue feature means that you can deploy as frequently as you need, and we will make sure each deploy is handled in the correct order.

Push to deploy

Each service comes with a free, private git repository. You can view the special git repository URL for your service on the service settings page. Each git push to your repository triggers a build and deploy on our servers. That's it. There are no special CLI tools to install and no external systems to integrate.

Deployment build

Eventually, every real service will require some external libraries. Functional Fleet will automatically run npm install during your deployment process to install and build any dependencies that your service requires. There are two wonderful benefits to this:

  1. There is no need to commit node_modules to your repository
  2. Dependencies will build on the target environment. You won't have to deal with version incompatibilities.

Deploy queue

For larger organizations, our Pro and Business plans come with a feature called Deploy Queues, which allows you to deploy/push as frequently as you need to. Our servers will receive all of the deploys and execute them in sequence. If anything goes wrong, the queue will freeze allowing you to fix the error before the next deploy is executed or rolled back.