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Why Serverless?

Serverless is the next step in devops, after containers, to allowing developers to stop thinking about infrastructure at all. Serverless still relies on servers, but abstracts away enough details that developers can focus on code.

Thank AWS

AWS Lambda was released in 2014, creating the first functions-as-a-service platform. This means that functions -- not applications or containers -- are deployed, and scaled independently.

With functions-as-a-service, we can then layer on top other scalable services that integrate. Message queues, databases, and filesystems are all examples of other services that work seamlessly in a serverless environment.


  1. Infinite scalability. No matter how many users your website receives, your functions will instantly scale to handle the load.

  2. Pay only for what you use. If your website receives no visitors, you will pay nothing for your AWS service. Even if your service spikes, AWS provides a free 1M function invocations per month.

  3. No infrastructure. With serverless, you get all of these advantages without deploying servers or installing packages or managing infrastructure. You are now free to focus on your app.