Serverless Platform

Git-Based Deploys
Get up and running quickly with a git repository. Simply describe your AWS app in a YAML config file, commit your changes, and push! All from the familiarity of a git repository. No need to worry about the complexity of AWS, using our YAML config we will deploy, manage, monitor your application.
Free Subdomain
Every Functional Fleet service comes with a free domain, there is absolutely no hassle in getting started quickly. After you've settled in, you can then update your service's domain to any custom domain you desire.
IntegrationsComing Soon
We are bringing the power of AWS to you. Integrate your service to the tools you already use. Stay up to date with Slack notifications, use an existing code-base through Github, or even subscribe to notifications through webhooks and incorporate into your existing infrastructure.
Function Metrics
Easily view the health and activity of the functions in your service without having to maneuver through AWS. View the overall performance of the functions of your app or view a single function for a more detailed comparison. At a glance, determine top performing functions, function health relative to the latest deploy, or function meta-data.
HTTP Metrics
Similar to Function Metrics, view activity for each http route in your service. Analyze trends for how users are navigating your site, compare route activity to the latest deploy, view the function handler per route, examine each route's health for number of Hits, Errors, and Response time.
Deploy Metrics
View your deployment activity over time. Compare your Active Deploy to the latest Function Metrics and HTTP Metrics for user trends. Sort through your Failed deploy logs to easily narrow down any issues.