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AWS Serverless
Git-push to deploy
Unlimited Services
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HTTPS API/static
Deploy queue
Automated dependency management
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$29 / month
$14 / monthbeta
1M Invocations / month

Best for those starting out, looking to see if your app has got what it takes. We believe in you!Start 14 Day Trial
$599 / month
$299 / monthbeta
10M Invocations / month

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Application Services
Invocations - per month1MM5MM20MM
Functions - per service20
Deploys - per month
Aggregate - subtotal of metrics
Individual - single specified metrics
Functions - per service
Additional Features
Git Repo
Domain Name
Customer Support
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We offer enterprise pricing on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features does the Trial offer?
The 14 day trial gives you access to everything the Pro plan has to offer. No credit card is required during the trial, but if you wish to continue uninterrupted, be sure to add a Credit Card to your account or you will be automatically downgraded to the Free plan.
How long will Beta last?
Indefinitely. We are constantly updating the site to bring you the best features and as we move forward we will narrow down V1 release. We will provide an update as we get closer.
What if I change Plans in the middle of the month?
If you are upgrading, you will be charged a pro-rated amount based on the amount of time left in the month. If you are downgrading, you will remain on your current paid plan until the end of the period.
What new features are you working on?
We have many planned features in the pipeline including Function Logs and Organization Support. Refer to the Features page to view more.

Have a feature request? Let us know!
Who pays for AWS?
You. We will manage your AWS service after you've provided us with your AWS Credentials, but everything is managed under your AWS account.
How do I Cancel?
You can cancel your service by downgrading to the Free plan. However, you will continue to receive the benefits of your paid plan until the end of the period.

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