Functional Fleet

The All-in-one Serverless Platform connected to the power of AWS Lamda. Automated scaling at one place.

Focus on your app, not infrastructure

Batteries-included development

Deploy infinitely scalable apps, API's and websites in minutes, without any code changes. We provide tools and libraries to help you migrate to serverless architecture at your own pace.
Multiple Runtimes
Node.js, Python, Java, and Go are all supported.
Express Start
Our Node.js shim library will help you get started quickly.

Simple Deployment

Each Service gets a free, private git repository to maintain your code. Deploying to your service is as simple as a git push.
Dependency management
The deployment pipeline will automatically install your dependencies.
Deploy queue
Deploy as frequently as you need knowing that we will keep up to date.

Real Time Metrics

View your app metrics in real-time. Log and compare historical metrics to analyze trends in your app visitors and performance.
Real-Time Metrics
View AWS Lambda Function metrics like Invocations, Errors, and Duration
Historical Trends
View historical metric data for trend analysis

Everything you need

Built on AWS. Leverage the power and security of the AWS Serverless platform
Serverless computing offers infinite scalability with fair pricing
Metric data allows you to review the health and performance of your app
Simple deployments with audit records and metrics
High performance scaling means your app will keep up with unpredictable visitor patterns
Git-based deploys provide complete control over your app deployment and monitoring
Open Source
We embrace open source software and have released key components to the community
Pay only for what you use. Set limits on scaling and control your bill

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